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The Windmill Shuriken is an item in The Messenger. It is a reward for collecting all 45 Power Seals then opening up the Power Seal treasure chest in the shop.


  • The Windmill Shuriken in motion.

    The Windmill Shuriken can interact with many various objects, including dealing damage to enemies, destroying projectiles, triggering switches, dealing damage to Big Time Shards, triggering Magic Fireflies, and depleting lanterns of their contents. Hitting applicable objects also provides Cloudstep.
  • The Windmill Shuriken acts like a boomerang, traveling a small distance in front of Ninja before returning back to him.
  • If the Windmill Shuriken is avoided, it continues following Ninja until it is collected.
  • The Windmill Shuriken has 3 charges in its meter. When a Windmill Shuriken is thrown, 1 of the meter charges is depleted. The meter will slowly regenerate once the shuriken returns back to Ninja. 3 shurikens can be active at one time.
  • The Windmill Shuriken passes through walls.
  • You can freely exchange between the Energy Shuriken and the Windmill Shuriken by interacting with the Power Seal treasure chest in the shop.


  • Using the Windmill Shuriken to hit Emerald Golem's wisp after the fight is over will still provide Cloudstep.
  • Using the Windmill Shuriken to hit Voodoo Totem's eagle head after the fight is over will still provide Cloudstep.
  • You can skip curing Monk during a New Game + playthrough since you can use the Windmill Shuriken to reach Manfred's ice platform in 16-bit.
  • Before the Version 1.0.4 update, the Windmill Shuriken didn't have its own regenerating charges and instead had limited Ki charges like the normal Energy Shuriken. The Windmill Shuriken also didn't provide Cloudstep.


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Achievement 38.jpg
Welco Metot Henex Tlevel
Keep a windmill shuriken going for 15 seconds


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