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Wall Shmu is an enemy in The Messenger.



Wall Shmu is a miniature orange cannon-shaped creature with a rocky exterior. It has two short skinny antennae, each one on opposite sides of the cannon opening. Wall Shmu stretches and squeezes widthwise, and it squeezes and stretches most extremely when it shoots a fireball out of its opening.


Wall Shmu slides slowly across a surface; when it reaches the edge of a ledge, it slides in the opposite direction. When Ninja enters within a certain range, Wall Shmu will periodically shoot a tiny fast-moving fireball projectile at him, which flies in a straight line.


  • "Shmu" is French for "a thingy," so Wall Shmu is "a wall thingy."
  • According to game artist, Jean-Luc Savard, the first thing he made for The Messenger was 8-bit Wall Shmu.[1]



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