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Voodoo Mask Pieces are collectible items in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. There are 10 Mask Pieces total, and they are obtained by completing optional challenge rooms, similar in manner to Power Seals. Collecting all of the Voodoo Feathers and Voodoo Mask Pieces and interacting with the Voodoo Altar in the shop forms the Voodoo Mask.

Transparent Mask Pieces are found in rooms where the Mask Piece has already been collected, serving as a way to redo optional challenge rooms for fun.


  • Attacking Voodoo Mask Pieces provides Ninja with Cloudstep.
  • The Shopkeeper speaks to Ninja from a floating block.

    After Ninja collects his first Voodoo Mask Piece, The Shopkeeper appears and gives him a short explanation about Voodoo Mask Pieces. If the first one ever collected is a particular one in Voodkin Shore, in the room with the swinging pendulum, The Shopkeeper will spawn on an 8-bit Tower of Time floating blue block while she speaks to Ninja.


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