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"SSSSSSSSSSOAKIN' !!!!" Voodoo Mask

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The Voodoo Mask, also known as the Mask, is a character in The Messenger. In Picnic Panic, he becomes a resident of the shop after collecting 4 Voodoo Feathers and 10 Voodoo Mask Pieces and then interacting with the altar that appears in the shop after reaching Voodoo Heart for the first time. The Voodoo Mask occasionally tells jokes, and he also offers Ninja "THE DEAL" in New Game +.



The Voodoo Mask looks similar to a traditional voodoo mask of African/Haitian origin, albeit with a much lighter color scheme and exaggerated facial features. The Mask is light yellow, with turquoise lips and eyelids. Colorful Voodoo Feathers decorate the top of his head, resembling slicked hair.


The Voodoo Mask is very cheerful and prone to telling jokes, which are often puns, much to the dismay of The Shopkeeper and Ninja who make sarcastic remarks on his jokes, leaving him in a grumpy state.


If the Voodoo Mask is created or transferred to a New Game + file, Ninja can interact with the Mask and agree to "THE DEAL."


  • The player's attack power is tripled.
  • The player's health is doubled.
  • The player's outfit changes into the Dark Messenger's outfit. The player's talk portrait icons are also altered.
  • Any death will result in an instant Game Over, as Quarble will refuse to revive the player. (A Game Over resets the current save file to the beginning of New Game +1.)


  • The attack and health benefits of "THE DEAL" apply to Manfred platforming sections in Elemental Skylands.
  • The attack and health benefits of "THE DEAL" also apply to the Barma'thething boss fight. (The player's health bar is visually the same size, but damage taken is reduced.)

Main Story[]

The Voodoo Mask explains that he'll occasionally share a joke.

After Ninja reaches the first shop of the Voodoo Heart, The Shopkeeper kicks out Cage Monster and replaces him with the Voodoo Altar from the top of Fire Mountain. If Ninja interacts with the altar after collecting all the Voodoo Feathers and Voodoo Mask Pieces, the Voodoo Mask is formed. The Voodoo Mask tells puns that terribly annoy Ninja and The Shopkeeper. If a grin is plastered onto the Voodoo Mask's overworld sprite, that means Ninja can interact with the Mask for a new joke. The Voodoo Mask also hints at something called "THE DEAL," which he explains is exclusive to New Game + adventurers.

The Voodoo Mask utters the voodoo magic words.

In New Game +, the Voodoo Mask offers Ninja "THE DEAL," offering triple attack power and double health in exchange for Quarble's life. If Ninja agrees to the "THE DEAL," Quarble appears, enraged that he would sell his soul so casually and promptly attempts to call off the deal. However, the Voodoo Mask says "THE DEAL" cannot be called off, and then casts a voodoo magic spell, which terrifies Quarble. After the spell ends, Ninja receives the benefits of "THE DEAL," along with altering his appearance into that of the Dark Messenger. Quarble is surprised that he was not sacrificed, and the Voodoo Mask explains that voodoo magic is fueled by fear, so he only needed Quarble to think that he was about to die. Ninja attempts to apologize, but Quarble cuts him off and berates him, stating that he will no longer revive Ninja, and then leaves.

Joke Quotes[]

The Voodoo Mask occasionally tells 1 random joke, pulling from a pool of 24 different jokes. For a particular save file, 6 hours must pass in real life (based on the computer clock) before he tells his next joke (assuming the game has been saved). The Voodoo Mask's overworld sprite will have a grin to indicate that he has a new joke available.

Joke #1[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Did you know the Queen of Quills used to be a pharmacist?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja No.
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask They called her the QUEEN OF PILLS!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper ...

Joke #2[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What do you get when you cross a friendly sky serpent with an outlaw from the old West?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask MANFRED REDEMPTION!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper I kind of miss the caged monster now...

Joke #3[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask How many Shopkeeper cabinet rants does it take to change a light bulb?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper ?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Only one, but the light bulb has to be willing to change.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Hey, you stole that one!

Joke #4[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Did you hear? Colos & Suses' camp finally collapsed!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Really?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask I'm not surprised, the foundation was pretty CYCLOPSIDED!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...

Joke #5[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What's the difference between a Messenger and a pizza?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask One of them carries a scroll, and the other is a pizza!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Ok now you're not even trying!
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Funny is in the ear of the beholder.

Joke #6[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Did you hear what happened to the Phobekins who lost their appetite?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Hit me.
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask They became a Phobe-THINS!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Eh, this one isn't bad.

Joke #7[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Where did Ninja get his Rope Dart?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask AT THE ROPE MART!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper I want out.

Joke #8[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Who is Suses' favorite boxer?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja I don't know.
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask MIKE THIGHSON!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Haha, this one is actually pretty good.

Joke #9[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What would Ruxxtin use to brush someone's hair?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Please don't...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask A CATA-COMB!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Gosh...

Joke #10[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What was the Butterfly Matriarch's favorite activity in summer camp?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Oh, please tell us.
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask MatriARCHERY!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...

Joke #11[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask How do ninjas get in front of everyone during a concert?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Hmm?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask By using the CROWD-STEP technique!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Ok, we're done here.

Joke #12[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask How do you call a Western Hero that isn't in the same place as you are?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper The "Western There-o"?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Nice try, but it's the WESTERN HERE-NO!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Whatever, mine was better...

Joke #13[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What are Colos & Suses' favorite seafood?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Mussels.
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask ...

Joke #14[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask How do you call the technique ninjas use to drink potions instantly?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Chugging?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask NIN-JUICE-TSU!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Please make it stop.

Joke #15[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What is Phantom's favorite romantic activity?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Something about a mask?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Long SCROLLS on the beach!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Oof...

Joke #16[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask How did the Butterfly Matriarch succeed when she wasn't prepared?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask She WINGED it!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Ok, too easy.

Joke #17[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Why does Acro the Phobekin only use small roads to drive somewhere?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Oh, please...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Because he's afraid of the HIGHWAY!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper If I destroy the Altar, will this stop?

Joke #18[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask What is the name of the Demon General's farmer cousin?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper I have a feeling this one won't be good.
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask BARNa'thazël!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Called it.

Joke #19[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Why did Ruxxtin try to hire new people after sending his weapon to the top of Glacial Peak?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Sure, let's get this one out of the way...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask He was short on STAFF!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper ...

Joke #20[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Why was Manfred struggling with his grades in school?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask His head was always in the CLOUDS!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja I don't get it.

Joke #21[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Why did Acro the Phobekin run away screaming after he hit a homerun playing baseball?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Here we go again...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Because the team wanted a HIGH five!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Enough already.

Joke #22[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Why did the Emerald Golem accidentally kill everyone in the restaurant?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja What?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Because the waiter said to 'dig in'!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Oh...

Joke #23[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Why does Pyro the Phobekin refuse do work out?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ?
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask Because apparently it BURNS calories!!!
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper ...

Joke #24[]

VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask If Voodkin Island was ruled by a Pharaoh, what would his name be?
Tikeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper ...
VoodooMask16Portrait.png Mask TOUCAN-KHAMUN!!!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...


  • Although the Voodoo Mask has 5 feathers on his head, only 4 Voodoo Feathers are obtained during gameplay. The color of the uncollected 5th feather is red/orange.
    • The save file hints that there used to be 5 feathers but 1 was removed.
  • Upon the birth of the Voodoo Mask, it states the line "SSSSSSSSSSOAKIN' !!!!" This is a tribute to Jim Carrey's line in the movie, The Mask, in which he says "Ssssssssssmokin'!" after transforming into his "Mask" persona for the first time.[1]
  • Rainbowdragoneyes, the game's music composer, voiced the Voodoo Mask.[2]


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