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Voodoo Feathers are collectible items in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. There are 4 Voodoo Feathers total; 3 are obtained by touching them in specific sections of Open Sea, and 1 is automatically obtained by defeating Octo. Collecting all of the Voodoo Feathers and Voodoo Mask Pieces and interacting with the Voodoo Altar in the shop forms the Voodoo Mask.

When redoing Open Sea, transparent Voodoo Feathers take place of Voodoo Feathers that have already been collected, serving as a way to re-collect them for fun.


  • The Voodoo Feathers are encountered in the color order of green, blue, purple, then yellow. The Voodoo Mask itself has these 4 feathers and a mysterious 5th red/orange feather that's never collected during gameplay.
    • The save file hints that there used to be 5 feathers but 1 was removed.


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