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Voodkins are characters in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. They are small creatures native to Voodkin Island. Some Voodkins are peaceful while others are hostile.



The six different Voodkin types have varying distinguishable features, but Voodkins are typically small and round. They are extremely similar in body type to Phobekins.

Main Story[]

Barlie Chown[]

Barlie Chowns are peaceful mask-wearing Voodkins that like to dance. They don't attempt to attack Ninja.

Guile Pile[]

Guile Piles are tall stacks of Voodkins that walk back and forth. Ninja can climb a Guile Pile harmlessly and ride upon it to reach where he needs to go.

Blow Dart Voodkin[]

Blow Dart Voodkins hide in the trees and pop out to shoot blow darts at Ninja.

Diving Voodkin[]

Diving Voodkins stand on high ledges. When Ninja walks within an approachable distance, they hop off and dive downward with their harpoon. Sometimes they are dropped from the sky by Red Beach Parrots.

Rake Voodkin[]

Rake Voodkins march in place, lifting a tall spearhead-tipped rake upward and downward.

Flamethrow Voodkin[]

Flamethrow Voodkins use a tiki torch as a flamethrower in order to attack Ninja.


  • Voodkins form an audience to watch the boxing fight.

    Many Voodkins are seen in the background of the Barma'thething boss fight.
  • Thierry Boulanger, the main writer and director of the game, has revealed additional information about Voodkins.[1]
    • Voodkins are cousins to the Phobekins, but they are driven by voodoo rather than fear.
    • Voodkins live in a little imaginary world where they fight you but you're not fighting them, like children throwing snowballs at big trucks.



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