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Voodkin Island is a location in The Messenger. It is the island where the plot of Picnic Panic takes place, and it is a home to the Voodkins.


Voodkin Island is a small island covered in a tropical jungle. Fire Mountain, a huge volcano, is on the eastern edge of the island. The western edge of the island is covered in an expansive sandy shore.

Main Story[]

In the original timeline that Ninja hails from, the flood left only a single piece of land remaining, Messenger Island. The Picnic Panic timeline is extremely similar to the original timeline, with a few notable differences. One of the key differences is that it is the dimension where Voodkin Island never merged with the mainland of Messenger Island.

After Ninja defeats Barma'thazël in the original timeline, Barma'thazël makes his escape into the Picnic Panic timeline. He kidnaps Phobekins who are taking a picnic break on Voodkin Shore, in order to lure Ninja into rescuing them and into his trap.


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