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This is a history of game version updates in The Messenger.

Version 1.0.2 (October 25, 2018)[]

Patch Notes[]

  • Fixed memory leak to prevent framerate drop issue when playing for extended periods of time (6+ hours)
  • Fixed soft lock that occurred when dying at the same time as killing a boss
  • Fixed game timer that would restart at zero after going over 24h
  • In Catacombs, preventing an issue where players could get stuck in a challenge room after saving in the room and reloading the game because of breakables respawning
  • In Rivière Turquoise, fixed an issue where players could respawn in the wrong dimension and get stuck
  • Health and mana drop upgrades will now function properly the moment they are bought, instead of upon restarting the game
  • Being careful with spoilers here, but a certain button mashing sequence has been reworked to prevent blockers for certain players.

Version 1.0.4 (November 21, 2018)[]

Patch Notes[]

New Game+ mode:

  • NG+ is additive, where each subsequent cycle increases difficulty, but also lets you lock in an item to have from the start, making the quest shorter every time
  • Tread carefully; in NG+, you need to pay Quarble upfront, or it’s GAME OVER
  • Can you beat the dev’s high score of New Game+7??

Controls remapping:

  • Accessible through the pause menu

Dialogue turbo speed:

  • Hold right trigger (default) and jump to skip text as fast as possible

Underwater labyrinth accessibility:

  • A visual effect (bubbles) will be there for adventurers who carry the Magic Seashell

Prophet hints now accessible directly in the map:

  • Can be toggled on and off


  • Accessible in the Shop after finding your first Music Note
  • Accessible through the pause menu after first discovering it in the Shop

Updated Windmill Shuriken:

  • Accessible from the start in NG+
  • Charges now based on a cooldown timer
  • Hitting targets with it also gives a cloudstep

Miscellaneous bug fixing, none of which affecting speedrunning

Unstated Changes[]

Version 1.0.5 (May 28, 2019)[]

Patch Notes[]

  • New key art + minor bug fixes + Discord rich presence integration

Version 2.0.2 (July 10, 2019)[]

No patch notes.

Unstated Changes[]

  • The Craftsman's Corner was added.
  • Various minor graphical fixes.
  • Transparent Power Seals appear in challenge rooms where the Power Seal has already been collected. They serve as a way to redo the challenge for fun.
  • The Butterfly Matriarch's sonar beam no longer deals damage in New Game +.
  • The overall sound was slightly lowered.

Version 2.0.4 (July 11, 2019)[]

No patch notes.

Unstated Changes[]

  • Picnic Panic DLC update.



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