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The Underworld is the twelfth area of The Messenger. It is an underground area filled with lava, and it serves as a base for demons.

After Ninja completes the Evil Manfred boss fight, he falls from Cloud Ruins and ends up in the Underworld. After completing the Barma'thazël boss fight, he rides Manfred out of Underworld and returns to Ninja Village. Later on in the game, Ninja can return to the Underworld from Searing Crags if he has the Lightfoot Tabi.


The Underworld is a red and orange-themed underground area filled with orange lava and red demon statues.


8-Bit → 16-Bit[]

  • Ninja obtains the Key of Chaos after a platforming segment that is only available in 8-bit, collecting the Music Note in 16-bit.

Power Seals[]

For the main article, see Power Seals.


Power Seal #1[]

In a room with rising and falling lava with a swinging spike pendulum, wait for the lava to recede and climb down to the bottom of the room. Head left a couple of rooms to reach the Power Seal room.


Power Seal #2[]

In 8-bit, in the first shop checkpoint room, head right into the next room. In the upper-right corner are two breakable blocks. Break the blocks and head up into the Power Seal room. Navigate the air currents and avoid the sawblades to reach the Power Seal.

Power Seal #3[]

In 8-bit, in the room with the Scurubu, trigger the vertical spike platform to head right. Drop down through the lower-left platform and into the Power Seal room. Slash the Magic Fireflies for Cloudstep while heading right to reach the Power Seal.

Power Seal #4[]

In the lower-right corner of the room containing Power Seal #3, use "Aerobatics warrior" to destroy the breakable blocks. Head down into the next room which contains Power Seal #4. Either Cloudstep off of the Demon Hives or walk across the lava using the Lightfoot Tabi in order to reach the Power Seal.

The Shopkeeper's Dialogue[]

** = Only occurs if you haven't previously encountered this dialogue in Cloud Ruins.

Initial Dialogue, First Visit**[]

Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja What happened? I warped or something, and everything looks different now...
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper ...
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Hello?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Ok THAT is a really cool hat.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Seriously, wow!
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ... Any idea what happened though?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Sorry, I just can't get over the hat.

Current area[]

Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Welcome to the Lion's Den.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Oh? I didn't see any lions.
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper No I meant... ah never mind.

The heat[]

Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja This heat is almost unbearable.
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Come on, I'm happy to avoid certain clichés, but to think we wouldn't have lava to end your epic quest is pushing it.

Any stories to share?[]

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Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Do you have any stories to share?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Of course, here's one for you. There once was a guy visited by a succubus. Far from being that kind of demon, she offered him a unique chance to visit Hell as a tourist. Very adventurous by nature, he jumped right into the portal. They arrived in a room where giant cauldrons boiled over bonfires. They contained people, where little demons with pikes were sitting on the rim to push anyone who tried to escape back inside. "Who's in that cauldron?", the man asked his succubus tour guide. "This one? That's where liars and cheaters end up", she explained. "And this one over there", she continued, "that's for people who hunt for sport." Aghast, the man noticed another cauldron, much bigger than the other ones, and devoid of any demons sitting on its rim. Indeed, that one cauldron seemed to self-regulate, people were pulling back in anyone who tried to escape! "And who's this cauldron for?", he asked, curious as to who could be so stubborn in their ideology they would rather hurt themselves than rethink their worldview. "Oh, that cauldron", the succubus mused, "that's for people who think the order doesn't apply anymore when another line opens up at the market." The end.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ... Ok now you're just using the platform to vent!
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper What is wrong with you, are you that guy?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Which guy?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper The guy who's fifth in line but rushes to be first when a new line opens up.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Oh right, different timeline. Never mind.

Initial Dialogue, Second Visit**[]

Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja So... cool hat...
ShopkeeperHat16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Oh you like that? Is it why you chose to wear one as well?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja What?
ShopkeeperHat16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Well, you have the same hat.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja No, I got it first.
ShopkeeperHat16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Oh, is that what you're going to tell yourself? Fine.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja I did have the hat first and you were all over it.
ShopkeeperHat16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Right, yeah that all happened. Sure.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja It's true though.
ShopkeeperHat16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Look, you can put your head in the sand all you want in an attempt to preserve your ego, but clearly it's not going to work on the person that was there when it all happened.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...

Level boss[]

Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Looks like the Demon General is up next. Be careful out there, I hear he's pretty fast.


  • In the room before the Barma'thazël boss fight is a statue on each side of the room of a small demon holding a pike while it is sitting on the rim of a cauldron. This is a reference to The Shopkeeper's story in the Underworld.


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Achievement 16.jpg
The Lava Is Floor
Run on lava


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