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The Void is a location in The Messenger, located outside of time / at the end of time. Messengers who carry the scroll can access The Void by stepping through space-time tears. Messengers from all time periods gathered together in The Void and eventually formed the Order of the Blue Robes and created the Tower of Time.


The Void resembles outer space, as black emptiness filled with stars. The Tower of Time floats within it.


  • Thierry Boulanger, the main director and writer of game, has revealed additional information about The Void.[1]
    • Only those who carry the scroll or are in The Void can see Time Shards CoinIcon Edited.png.
    • All demons have some magic, but nothing specialized in time magic, so they can't see Time Shards or the space-time tears that lead to The Void.
    • Demons want the scroll so they can invade The Void.
    • The timeline perspective inside of The Void does not necessarily line up with the chronological events outside of it.
    • There is only one Void but many alternate timelines. The Void materialized as a way to balance the existence of all these alternate timelines, like an "anti-infinity."
    • If something comes from The Void or enters The Void, it becomes canon across all timelines. It becomes a single instance of itself.
    • The Corrupted Future was almost named the "Corrupted Void," and it is the only area in the game without 8-bit/16-bit transitions, because it's stuck in 8-bit and the 16-bit version is what Ninja has to prevent.
    • The Void is a big thing to fathom, so the Tower of Time protects the sanity of Messengers as they travel through it by providing a frame and familiarity that helps them make it through the challenge relatively undisturbed.



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