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The Messenger is a sidescroller action-platformer, developed by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital. It draws inspiration from the Ninja Gaiden series and other retro games.


On the western edge of a cursed world is a village of ninjas, the last survivors of humanity. The legends state that the demon army is fated to attack the village in an attempt to eradicate the last of humanity; but, legends also state that the village is fated to be saved by the Western Hero.

A young ninja, eager to leave his village and explore the world, experiences the fated day of the demon army attack. The legendary Western Hero appears, driving away the demon army, and tasks the ninja with the role of "The Messenger," who must deliver a scroll to the top of a mountain.


In this platformer, the player controls a ninja, with basic abilities such as sword slashing and jumping. The ninja also starts off with a special ability called "Cloudstepping." As long as the player slashes objects like lanterns and enemies while in midair, they are provided with an additional jump. As the player explores the world, a shopkeeper provides mandatory progressional upgrades, and additional optional upgrades can be purchased using a currency called Time Shards.

Some mandatory upgrades that the ninja gains as he travels through his journey are: Climbing Claws, which allows him to cling to walls; Wingsuit, which allows him to glide through the air; and Rope Dart, which is a grappling hook that allows the ninja to cling to various objects. By combining these different abilities, the player can more expertly maneuver through the various levels and defeat enemies.

If the player loses all of their health, they are revived by a small winged demon called Quarble. Quarble teleports the player to their previous checkpoint and follows the player around for a bit, stealing Time Shards the player collects for a short amount of time.

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