The Past (8-Bit)[edit | edit source]

The Future (16-Bit)[edit | edit source]

Picnic Panic[edit | edit source]

Unreleased Tracks[edit | edit source]

CatacombsCUTSCENE_8[edit | edit source]

Ruxxtin's intro song.

HowlingGrottoBOSSINTRO_8[edit | edit source]

Emerald Golem's intro song.

QuillshroomBOSSINTRO8[edit | edit source]

Queen of Quills's intro song.

ManfredCHASE_16[edit | edit source]

Evil Manfred's chase sequence song.

CorruptedFuture8CHASE[edit | edit source]

The 8-bit version of "Abomination Beyond Words," used in the Abomination chase sequence.

OrganMusic[edit | edit source]

The song that plays as you approach Phantom's room.

PHANTOMORGAN816[edit | edit source]

The organ music that overlays with the final boss music during Phantom's Mask attack.

EndPhantom[edit | edit source]

The song that plays when the Mask returns during the ending.

TOTEM4_Faster1[edit | edit source]

"The Ritual (Beach Boss)" sped up, for Voodoo Totem's phase 2 music.

TOTEM4_Faster2[edit | edit source]

"The Ritual (Beach Boss)" sped up again, for Voodoo Totem's phase 3 music.

Basalt Assault (Volcano) with Congas[edit | edit source]

"Basalt Assault (Volcano)" with congas that overlay while inside the volcano.

Eruption Hazard (Volcano) with Congas[edit | edit source]

"Eruption Hazard (Volcano)" with congas that overlay while inside the volcano.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rainbowdragoneyes used Famitracker (8-bit) and Deflemask (16-bit) to create the music for The Messenger.[1]
  • There is a "HEY!" sound effect used in several of the music tracks: Bamboo Creek 16-bit, Howling Grotto 8-bit/16-bit, Elemental Skylands 8-bit/16-bit, and Manfred the Sky Serpent 16-bit. This is a sound sample that Rainbowdragoneyes created by having the entire dev team yell "HEY" into the phone at once.[2]
  • Rainbowdragoneyes is the one who says "Picnic Panic" during the song, "Picnic Panic Theme."[3]
  • "Staff Roll (End Credits)" employs leitmotifs from several different area songs in the game.[4]
  • There is a musical reference to "Master Ov Time" in the Cloud Ruins music track.[5]
  • Rainbowdragoneyes made a "Flowers of Antimony (remix)" music track, which was introduced to the video game, Just Shapes & Beats, with the "Just Shovels & Knights" update. The remix contains a musical reference to the Glacial Peak music track, which occurs around the same time a winged creature resembling Quarble shows up.[6]

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