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Skelouton is an enemy in The Messenger.



Skelouton is a human skeleton. It is yellow-ish.


Skelouton starts off as an immobile pile of bones low to the ground. If Ninja approaches within range, this triggers Skelouton to wake up, and it begins to walk forward. If Ninja is on the same elevation as Skelouton, it runs really fast. Skelouton continues walking in a particular direction until it hits a wall or the edge of a ledge; if it hits a wall or the edge of a ledge, it will walk in the opposite direction.

For some reason, Skelouton does not always die if you Rope Dart its head.

Main Story[]

As Ninja travels through the Catacombs, he encounters Ruxxtin for the first time. Ruxxtin summons three Bats and five Skeloutons before leaving.


  • Skelouton is referred to as "skeletoun" in the sound files.


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