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Siroi is an enemy in The Messenger.



Siroi is an aqua or purple merman creature. Its head is a fish man's head with two fins on the back, its upper body is a muscular humanoid torso, and its lower body is a long serpent tail. Its trident is either aqua or golden.


Siroi sits stationary in one location. At evenly set intervals, it generates a trident from thin air and hurls the trident projectile in a parabolic arc at Ninja. This projectile passes through walls. Most Siroi will turn direction to always face Ninja, but some Siroi remain facing a fixed direction.


  • Siroi is a portmanteau of the French words, "sirène" (mermaid) and "roi" (king). The pun involves the fact that "reine" means "queen," so Siroi is a merman king.
  • Siroi is referred to as "merm" in the sound files.


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