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Scurubu and its winged counterpart, Jumping Scurubu, are enemies in The Messenger.



Scurubu is a small grub-like bug with two rows of three teeth each, for a total of six teeth. The teeth are always visibly exposed on its rounded mouth. Its body is partitioned into three rounded sections, and each section has two tiny leg nubs, for a total of six legs.

The normal Scurubu variant is green. The Jumping Scurubu variant is orange or yellow, with two short white translucent wings on its backside.


Scurubu inches itself slowly across the ground. If it hits a wall, it will walk in the opposite direction. However, if it reaches the edge of a ledge, Scurubu will continue walking until it falls off the ledge.

Jumping Scurubu will jump into the air shortly after Ninja jumps into the air, like a copycat.


  • Scurubu is a derivation of the French word, "scarabé." Its name is a joke name obtained by pronouncing "scarabé" while clutching your lips to make your mouth as small as possible.[1]
  • Scurubu is misspelled as "Scuburu" in the sound files.



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