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The Rope Dart is an item in The Messenger. It is Ninja's third free upgrade from The Shopkeeper, granted when he reaches the first shop of Searing Crags. The Rope Dart is a grappling hook that allows Ninja to cling to various objects, including metal rings, lanterns, walls, enemies, switches, and Magic Fireflies. He is also propelled forward and deals damage when he reaches his target.


  • A successful Rope Dart provides invincibility frames as you "pass" or "roll" through your target, allowing you to safely pass through objects that normally deal damage.
  • Rope Darting metal rings.

    Rope Darting a metal ring automatically propels Ninja forward at a fast movement rate.
  • Rope Darting a wall instantly drags Ninja into it, where he'll automatically cling to the wall if it is tall enough to accommodate him.
  • Rope Darting invincible sections of Wallaxers is similar to Rope Darting a normal wall, where Ninja is instantly dragged into the object. The major difference is that Ninja cannot cling to the side of a Wallaxer, so after the invincibility frames wear off, he'll take damage if he's still touching the Wallaxer.
    • Rope Darting Ruxxtin's acid rain is also similar to Rope Darting a normal wall.
    • Rope Darting certain sections of Manfred's fireballs is also similar to Rope Darting a normal wall.
  • Rope Darting lanterns, enemies, switches, Magic Fireflies, and other applicable objects causes Ninja to be propelled towards the object. If Ninja is holding left/right in the same direction as he is Rope Darting, he will continue to be propelled forward and past the object. However, if Ninja is not holding a directional input, then he is gently propelled backwards a small distance.
    • Once Ninja reaches the object he is Rope Darting, he automatically attacks it, dealing damage or activating the object as if attacked normally.
  • Rope Darting projectiles, spiky plants that fall from trees, boulders that drop from the sky, or fireballs in Underworld, will destroy the object, but it will not propel Ninja forward.
  • Rope Darting a pulley will trigger it, but it will not propel Ninja forward.


  • Ninja's Rope Dart was crafted by The Iron Hood.
  • The Rope Dart is referred to as "Graplou" in the picture files, while metal rings are referred to as "GraplouThingy" in the picture files.
  • The Rope Dart was originally intended to be the Queen of Quills's bramble whip, obtained after defeating her, but it would have been too uneven to have some bosses give upgrades and others not, so it was kept to the shop.[1]



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