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Rochecrossidère and its icy counterpart, Ice Rochecrossidère, are enemies in The Messenger. Ice Rochecrossidère is the variant found in Glacial Peak.



Rochecrossidère is a tiny brown rock ball with a face and two stubby legs. It has red eyes and a red mouth with specks of yellow. Periodically, it retracts its legs and closes its eyes, making it a total ball.

Ice Rochecrossidère is identical in appearance, but it's white like a snowball, and it has blue eyes and a blue mouth.


Rochecrossidère slowly rolls around the circumference of a platform without stopping. Nothing can stop this small ball (except for death).


  • In the sound files, Rochecrossidère and Ice Rochecrossidère are referred to as "rollyball."
  • Rochecrossidère's name is a combination of the French word "roche" (rock), and the word "crossidère," which is a completely nonsensical word that originates from an RBO parody involving Wayne Gretsky.[1] The word "crossidère" is also an inside joke with the developers, where they replace the word "re-considère" (reconsider) with the word "re-crossidère."[2]
  • One Rochecrossidère in a certain room of Howling Grotto is always programmed to roll into a set of spikes, where it dies.[3]



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