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Ranged Kappa, also known as Turtle Man Ranged, is an enemy in The Messenger. It is based on the mythological Kappa demon from Japanese folklore. Ranged Kappa's Picnic Panic counterpart is the Tropical Ranged Kappa.



Ranged Kappa is an orange turtle-like monster hunched on the floor. It has two very short pointy horns on the top of its head, and it has a turtle shell on its back. It sits on the floor with legs bent and its hands on the ground in front of it. A flicker of flame glows from its mouth. It wears a loincloth.


Ranged Kappa sits stationary in one location. At evenly set intervals, it shoots two fireball projectiles from its mouth in quick succession. These projectiles pass through walls. Some Ranged Kappa will turn direction to always face Ninja, while other Ranged Kappa remain facing a fixed direction.

Main Story[]

When the Demon King invades Ninja Village in both the 8-bit era and the 16-bit era, he's accompanied by two Ranged Kappa. The Western Hero arrives and kills the Ranged Kappa with a barrage of magic attacks.


  • When The Bowman kills the two Ranged Kappa in the beginning of the game, sometimes these enemies drop Time Shards which fly into Ninja and increase Ninja's Time Shard count. However, according to Thierry Boulanger, the main writer and director of the game, these two Ranged Kappa were never meant to drop Time Shards since it contradicts with the lore that only those who carry the scroll or are in The Void can see Time Shards.[1]



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