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Quillshroom is an enemy in The Messenger. Its red brethren is the Jumping Quillshroom.



Quillshroom is a gooey yellow-beige mushroom creature with a green cap. The green cap is covered in stubby thorns. Its mouth is partially covered in drippy bits of its body. Quillshroom also has tiny stubs for legs. After Quillshroom releases its cap, it reveals a barren head with only a few strands of short hair.


Quillshroom meanders a particular direction until it hits a wall or the edge of a ledge; if it hits a wall or the edge of a ledge, it will walk in the opposite direction. When Ninja is within range and at the same elevation as Quillshroom, Quillshroom will turn to face him and attack by throwing its cap as a projectile. The cap returns to Quillshroom like a boomerang and back to the top of its head. But if Ninja destroys the cap projectile, Quillshroom will madly run back and forth in a short range.

Main Story[]

All of the mushrooms in Quillshroom Marsh were once living human beings who have been cursed by the Queen of Quills.


  • Although an uncommon scenario, if time rifts are used in a way to get a Quillshroom standing on top of a layer of spikes, Quillshroom cannot move at all, even if it's panicking from the loss of its cap.


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