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"To be honest, I don't remember. But I do have to get back to my work station." Pyro

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Pyro is a character and an item in The Messenger. He is a deep blue Phobekin found in the pathway between Searing Crags and the Underworld. After speaking with Ninja, he returns to Forlorn Temple in order to repair the bridge. Pyro wields a wrench as his tool of choice.

Necro, Claustro, and Acro are the other three Phobekins required to repair the bridge.

Main Story[]

For the main story, see Phobekins.

Item Location[]

In order to reach Pyro, Ninja must obtain the Lightfoot Tabi from the Sunken Shrine and use it to cross the initial lava gap between Searing Crags and the Underworld.


  • Pyro's name refers to "pyrophobia," a fear of fire.
  • Pyro is the only Phobekin in Picnic Panic with no spoken dialogue.


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