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The Primal Fear is a character in The Messenger. The Primal Fear is not encountered as it was defeated by Monk long before the events of The Messenger, but its arm can still be seen, partially buried in the ground halfway through Quillshroom Marsh.



The full appearance of the Primal Fear is unknown, but its green arm sticks out of the ground and resembles tree roots. The hand has five bony fingers. A few green shrubs grow out of the knuckles, the wrist, and the base of the arm.

Main Story[]

As Ninja travels through Quillshroom Marsh, he can enter a shop and talk to The Shopkeeper. Ninja asks about the history of Quillshroom Marsh, and The Shopkeeper explains that legends state that the marsh was once ruled by a monstrosity called the Primal Fear until a brave monk defeated it; with the Primal Fear's final breath, it cursed the monk forever, and the monk still roams the marsh to this day, turning any trespassers into fungi.

Ninja can enter the shop just before the Queen of Quills to ask about the boss fight. The Shopkeeper warns Ninja that she senses a Fallen up ahead, explaining that Fallen are Messengers whose quest came to a tragic end, their power corrupted by demon magic.

Before Ninja fights the Queen of Quills, she yells out a battle cry, proclaiming for Ninja to kneel before her and to receive the "Curse of Quills." After Ninja defeats the Queen of Quills, Quillble appears to rescue her. In Quillble's conversation with Quarble, Quillble states that she was cursed a long time ago, along with her Messenger, implying that she was cursed by the same magic as the Queen of Quills.

Ninja's Magic Firefly describes Monk's curse as the "Curse of Quills."


  • The 8-bit version of the Primal Fear arm is referred to as "PrimalFearArm_8" and the 16-bit version of the Primal Fear arm is referred to as "QuillshroomMarsh_16_Atlas_28" in the picture files. Without the 8-bit picture file name, it would be unknown that these sprites were related to the Primal Fear.
  • The "Live Messenger Q&A" revealed more information about the Primal Fear.[1]
    • The Primal Fear is unrelated to demons. It is actually a Primal.
    • Primals are huge incarnations of extreme emotions.
    • Depictions of the Primal Fear in The Messenger are not canon as they are just loose attempts at depicting how it was described in The Archives.



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