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"Don't cry, Octo." Pi

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Pi is a character in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. He and Octo are Ruxxtin's adoptive parents.



Pi is a large green squid with a wrinkled brow. His bulbous head is covered in warts and light-colored liver spots.


Pi cares deeply for Octo and acts in a lovey-dovey manner around her. Like Octo, he misses their son, Ruxxtin.

Main Story[]

Pi and Octo hold their tentacles together into the shape of a heart.

After Ninja and Ruxxtin defeat Octo in combat, they retrieve Ruxxtin's stilts back and sail off to Voodkin Island. Pi floats over to console Octo as they talk about Ruxxtin's refusal to return home. He comforts her by doing a "tentacle touch," holding hands together as hearts fly out of their bodies.


  • Octo and Pi's names together form the word "octopi."


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