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The Order of the Blue Robes is an organization of retired Messengers in The Messenger. The Order created the Tower of Time, which serves as their headquarters. They test Messengers to see if they are worthy of the role of "The Messenger" and guide them along their journeys. By combining their strength, the Order can transform into the Arcane Golem.

The Order is at odds with demons, fighting them across both space and time. The Order is also trying to prevent the Corrupted Future from becoming a reality.

Main Story[]

The Demon King placed a never-ending curse on humanity, forcing a cursed Mask onto Phantom and inserting him into the Music Box. With his last stretch of sanity, Phantom created the scroll, a tool for time travel, and teleported it to the human hideout. Brave Messengers from all time periods would wield the scroll and gather in The Void as a meeting point for their endless war. Due to a few incidents of Messengers going into shock from meeting future denizens or their alternate selves, they opted to conceal their appearances with blue robes. They formed the Order of the Blue Robes, and they built their headquarters, the Tower of Time.

Every curse cycle would have its champion, who would join the Order after passing on the scroll to the next Messenger. With support from the Order of the Blue Robes, a Messenger was able to obtain the Music Box from Forlorn Temple. Music Notes began materializing into the world, and a particularly gifted Messenger managed to obtain two of them. During the events of the game, Ninja is assisted by the Order of the Blue Robes to obtain the remaining six Music Notes and to rescue Phantom from the Music Box. Together, at the top of the Tower of Time, Ninja, Monk, Phantom, and the Blue Robes members shatter the Mask, destroying the curse placed on humanity.

During a post-credits cutscene, The Shopkeeper shares the story of the events of The Messenger with Cowboy. Cowboy is seen wielding the scroll, hinting that the Order of the Blue Robes continues to operate and guide various Messengers in their fight against unknown evils.

The Shopkeeper[]

The Shopkeeper is the first member of the Order of the Blue Robes. She mans the shop, sells shop upgrades, provides helpful advice, and tells stories when asked. The Shopkeeper acts as Ninja's guide for the first half of his adventure.

The Prophet[]

The Prophet is a member of the Order of the Blues Robes. He assists Ninja with fulfilling the prophecy by giving him cryptic phrases about where to go next. The Prophet acts as Ninja's guide for the second half of his adventure.

The Artificer[]

The Artificer is a member of the Order of the Blue Robes. He designed the Tower of Time challenge, and he does research related to the Corrupted Future. He helps Ninja reach the Corrupted Future in order to obtain one of the Music Notes.

The Iron Hood[]

The Iron Hood is a member of the Order of the Blues Robes. He is a legendary craftsman who made Ninja's Climbing Claws, Wingsuit, and Rope Dart. It's hinted that during a raid on the Tower of Time, The Iron Hood hid inside the Money Sink for safety. His hobby is making toys, which Ninja can purchase in The Craftsman's Corner.


Ninja temporarily joins the Order of the Blue Robes and acts as Soldier's shopkeeper. In an unfortunate turn of events, Soldier dies, so Ninja returns back to being a Messenger once again.


  • Thierry Boulanger, the main writer and director of The Messenger, has revealed additional information about the Order of the Blue Robes.[1]
    • A hypothetical situation may have occurred in which something major happened to the the Blue Robes, which almost eradicated the Order and forced them to escape The Void until the next Messenger could summon the Tower of Time.
    • The Shopkeeper freaks out when she learns that Soldier died, because the Corrupted Future is an imminent threat, and there aren't many remaining Blue Robes members. They are at a point in their timeless war where a very powerful demon is very close to entering the Tower of Time.
  • The "Live Messenger Q&A" revealed that The Prophet joined the Order before The Artificer.[2]



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