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Open Sea is the first area of the Picnic Panic DLC in The Messenger. It is a wide stretch of sea that connects Messenger Island with Voodkin Island. Ruxxtin and Ninja sail upon Ruxxtin's skull ship in an auto-scroller in order to retrieve Ruxxtin's stilts back from Octo. All 4 Voodoo Feathers are located here; 3 are obtained by touching them during specific sections of Open Sea, while the 4th one is automatically obtained by defeating Octo.

The west side of Open Sea is accessed from Ninja Village, and the east side leads to Voodkin Shore.


Open Sea is an expanse of ocean, filled with rocks, debris, and the occasional barrel. The weather is clear and sunny.


Object Safe to Jump On? Safe to Necro Boost? Harmful? Base Points
Red Pouesson Yes Yes Yes 25
Blue Pouesson Yes Yes Yes 50
Golden Pouesson Yes Yes Yes 1,000
Debris Only if boosting Yes Yes 10
Rock No No Yes
Health Barrel Yes Yes No 100 (jump only)
Octo Tentacle Yes Yes Yes 100
Octo Ink Ball Yes Yes Yes 0
Naval Mine No No Yes


  • Open Sea's scoring system.

    (Base Points + Air Time) * Bounce Combo * Dash Combo * Jump Combo
  • 1 second of inactivity will cause the combo to end. The value is then added to your current score.
  • Getting hurt at all will cause the combo to end and turn the text red. The value is deleted and not added to your current score.

Air Time[]

  • "Air Time" is a value that continuously increases while you are airborne. It takes about 2 consecutive seconds of air time before the scoring actually kicks in.
  • You accumulate about 50 points per 1 second of air time.


  • Bounce Combo
    • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... (1 + x).
    • "Bounce Combo" begins at 2 and increases by 1 each time you jump off of a Pouesson, barrel, or tentacle.
  • Dash Combo
    • 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25... (1 + 0.25x).
    • "Dash Combo" begins at 1.25 and increases by 0.25 each time you Necro Boost through a Pouesson, debris, or tentacle.
  • Jump Combo
    • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... (1 + x).
    • "Jump Combo" begins at 2 and increases by 1 each time you launch off of a ramp.


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