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Ninja Village is the first area of The Messenger. It is a village of ninjas and is Ninja's home. It introduces exposition for the beginning of Ninja's journey, and the Cloudstep technique is explained here as a tutorial. 500 years later, Ninja Village becomes a village of soldiers and is Soldier's home.

The east side of Ninja Village leads to Autumn Hills.



Ninja Village has yellow and brown color architecture with green accents. There are green plants. In the background are an orange background with aqua clouds tinged with orange, and a yellow sun in the upper-left corner of the screen. When the demons attack, the color scheme changes to orange and red.


Ninja Village has gray futuristic architecture. There are red plants, and it's perpetually nighttime with a starry sky and a full moon in the upper-left corner, like Autumn Hills. When the demons attack, the color scheme changes to red.



Power Seals[]

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Power Seal #1[]

In 16-bit, travel to the leftmost side of the level. Jump onto the floating platform and Rope Dart the vertical wall in the tall section of the tree. Climb up to reach the Power Seal room.


  • The tea house in the beginning of Ninja Village is an easter egg that references The Shopkeeper's story in Autumn Hills.

    Inaccessible 8-bit treehouse.

  • Although Ninja Village's treehouse is only accessible in 16-bit, there is a fully modeled 8-bit version of the treehouse. The Power Seal pathway within the treehouse is appropriately sealed off with a 3-wall symbol, the symbol usually used to represent a pathway that's blocked until Ninja arrives in the opposite era. In the beta version of the game, the 8-bit treehouse could presumably be accessed from the wall extending below, but in the final version of the game, the wall is absent in 8-bit and only present in 16-bit.[1]


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Achievement 2.jpg
Enter The Ninja
Beat the intro without dying



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16-Bit Screens[]


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