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The Music Box is the final area in The Messenger. The music box is one of Muse's mesmerizing trinkets, her final creation. The Demon King placed a curse on humanity using the Music Box and inserted Phantom into it to keep the curse alive forever.

The west side of the Music Box is accessed from the Tower of Time HQ after collecting all 6 Music Notes. After watching the Music Box cutscene, Ninja enters the Music Box in an attempt to rescue Phantom.



The Music Box is a small brown chest-shaped box with gold trimming, a golden lock, a silver winding key attached to the right side, and the design of a red rose on the front lower half.


The Music Box is filled with a network of golden organ pipes. In the background are blue organ pipes, rotating gears, and trumpets. Some of the pipes release steam. The Music Box is also decorated with piano keys, red curtains, red roses growing on green vines, red candles, and red diamond-shaped crystals.


Same as 8-bit, but the background organ pipes, gears, and trumpets are brown instead of blue; the curtains are fuchsia instead of red; and the roses, candles, and crystals are pink instead of red.

The Shopkeeper's Dialogue[]

Current area[]

Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Well, this is it.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Is this my last chance to take care of any unfinished business before the big ending?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Is a frog's ass water tight?
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ... I guess so.
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Precisely.

Any stories to share?[]

For the main article, see The Shopkeeper's Stories.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Do you have any stories to share?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper One last for the road, huh? Why of course, here's one for you. There once was a little boy stuck in a well. It wasn't really clear why he was in there. People assumed he fell while playing, or that someone had pushed him. In truth, he had jumped in there himself.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper He spent years in the well, wasting away anxiously, feeling utterly inadequate. He had a deep desire to share his ideas with the world, but shame having played such a big part in his upbringing, his will lay broken. That's why the well suited him so perfectly; a place to hide, where he could be alone with his stories, with no one to mock or judge him. A safe life, unfortunately devoid of purpose, but at least shielded from rejection. One day as he was role playing, a wanderer passing by looked down the well. "Hey, what's going on down there?", he asked curiously, intent on joining in on the fun. "Oh, nothing... sorry about the noise", the little boy replied. And thus the well remained silent for weeks. The wanderer, patient and compassionate, sat by the well for all that time. His mind was already made up. He would do whatever it took to get that little boy out of there, so that he could share his stories with the world. The creative flame in that little boy's heart refused to die, and eventually he started roleplaying again. And so the wanderer very cautiously started interacting with him again, telling him that his stories were entertaining, and nothing to be ashamed of. Their friendship built really slowly, based on genuine intentions and trust. A few months later, the wanderer and the little boy were sitting together in the well, laughing and sharing stories. The well became an increasingly habitable place, and passersby started looking in. "I think I'm not the only one who would like to hear your stories." the wanderer mused one day. "I'm too afraid to climb out." the little boy replied. "It's ok", the wanderer reassured him, "let me know when you are ready." Years passed, the little boy's imagination becoming more focused, his thoughts and stories shaping into a concrete little world. And then one day, he decided to take the chance. He would build this world and show it to everyone. The wanderer helped him climb out.
Merci Philip.
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper The little boy shared his ideas with creators of all crafts, and to his surprise, they wanted to help building it. And so the small team was put together, and he officially became a writer! I wish I could tell you it all ended in fame and fortune, but I trust you understand it's not what this whole journey has ever been about anyway.
Merci Sylvain.
Merci Eric.
Merci Martin.
Merci Michaël.
Merci Philippe.
Merci Jean-Luc.
Merci Carl.
Merci Savannah.
Merci Magalie.

Level boss[]

Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja I think I hear Phantom's tune.
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper Yes, the time has come.
Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja Any advice?
Shopkeeper16Portrait.png Shopkeeper I'm sorry, all we know is that The Curse is very strong within him. You need to do this one on your own. Godspeed, Messenger!



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