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Muse is a character in The Messenger. She was known for her beautiful voice and otherworldly ability to make mesmerizing trinkets, like the Music Box. Muse was Phantom's lover, and her death was a major catalyst in setting the events of the Curse into motion.



Muse was a young woman with brown eyes and brown shoulder-length hair. She wore a simple golden headband with a pink rose on the side, a plain brown dress with a thin yellow sash, and a simple golden bracelet.


In the Music Box cutscene, Muse and Phantom are described to be a formidable couple who took the initiative to lead the remaining survivors of humanity after the flood. And when the demons attacked, the couple inspired their people to prepare against the assault.

Muse cared deeply for Phantom, as she is seen holding Phantom's arm and looking at him with a smile on her face as Phantom overlooked Forlorn Temple's construction from their position in a tall tower.

Muse lost her life while protecting her people, which speaks of her devotion and selflessness.

Main Story[]

Music Box cutscene describing Muse's talents.

In the Music Box cutscene, the events of the past are described. The world suffered a massive flood, and only a single piece of land remained. Phantom and Muse ruled over the remaining survivors of humanity as the survivors worked together to rebuild a new home, a large temple. Phantom and Muse ruled for ten years in relative peace, but one day, the demons arrived to the human realm and eradicated the protectors of humanity, the sky giants. The demons then took over the temple and killed Muse while she was trying to protect her people.

Phantom's organ decorated with roses and Muse's portrait.

Enraged over Muse's death, Phantom foolishly attempted to take on the Demon King. Phantom failed, and the Demon King placed a powerful curse on the Music Box, attached a cursed Mask to Phantom's face, and inserted Phantom into the Music Box to keep the Music Box's magic alive. The front bottom half of the Music Box has a single pink rose design, like the rose Muse once wore in her hair. The inside of the Music Box is decorated with roses and portraits of Muse. Near the end of the game, the Music Box is destroyed, which upsets Phantom as the Music Box was his last memento of Muse.


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