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The Money Wrench is an item in The Messenger. It is a wrench obtained in The Artificer's room in the Tower of Time HQ.

After purchasing all shop upgrades, a Money Sink appears in the shop. If Ninja interacts with the sink on the Version 2.0.2 update or higher, the sink is clogged, and The Shopkeeper advises locating the Money Wrench. Ninja can then interact with the tools on the wall in The Artificer's room, and The Artificer will offer the Money Wrench in exchange for all of Ninja's Time Shards CoinIcon Edited.png. If Ninja agrees, he obtains the Money Wrench. Interacting with the Money Sink will fix it, allowing access to The Craftsman's Corner.


  • As joked about in-game, the Money Wrench does not appear in the inventory.
  • Months ahead of time, before the Money Sink became clogged with the Version 2.0.2 update, it was hinted that the sink needed to be fixed.
    • Rainbowdragoneyes conversed with The Shopkeeper in a series of tweets on Twitter, claiming he figured out how to unclog the sink.[1]
    • In the ARG, The Shopkeeper referenced the Money Sink being clogged and the Money Wrench's existence.[2]
  • The Artificer asks for 0 Time Shards in exchange for the Money Wrench.

    If you have 0 Time Shards when attempting to purchase the Money Wrench, the interaction with The Artificer remains unaffected, and you can purchase the Money Wrench for 0 Time Shards.
  • There is an unused line of dialogue from The Artificer in the dialogue files, in which he could state "You don't have enough Time Shards!" when attempting to purchase the Money Wrench. However, The Artificer always requests the exact amount of Time Shards in your possession, so it's impossible to not have enough money.


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