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Messenger Island is a location in The Messenger. It is the island where the plot of the main game takes place.


Messenger Island is a small island covered in forests and mountains. Glacial Peak, the tallest mountain, is on the eastern side of the island, surrounded by Searing Crags. The human village is on the western side of the island, bordered by Autumn Hills.

Main Story[]

Eons ago, a civilization of sky giants protected the world from unknown forces. Centuries went by in harmony. The Clockwork Concierge catered to the Elemental Skylands, which helped delay the flood for a long time.[1] Eventually, the flood arrived, and the sky giants could only watch helplessly as the world suffered a massive flood. Only a single piece of land remained, Messenger Island.

The survivors of humanity rebuilt and made Forlorn Temple, and the world lived a decade of relative stability. However, demons invaded the human realm and massacred the sky giants and the human stronghold. The remaining human survivors fled to the western edge of the island where they would remain in hiding. Phantom provoked the Demon King, so the Demon King placed a curse on the Music Box in Phantom's possession, which would act as a tether for demons to the human realm. Phantom was inserted into the Music Box to keep the curse on humanity alive forever. However, within his prison, Phantom created the scroll, a tool for time travel, and teleported it to the human hideout.

Using the scroll, Messengers from many time periods worked together in an effort to break the curse placed upon humanity.


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