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The Magic Seashell is an item in The Messenger. It is obtained by sinking into a very specific pit of quicksand in 8-bit Quillshroom Marsh in order to enter a secret pathway that leads to the seashell. The safe pit can be identified in 16-bit as no spikes or quicksand cover the path in the 16-bit era. However, the Magic Seashell is missing from its room in the 16-bit era, so it must be obtained in the 8-bit era.

The Magic Seashell gives guidance in traversing Howling Grotto's underwater maze in order to reach Sunken Shrine. While swimming through the maze, Sunken Shrine music plays more loudly near the correct pathway exits. With the Version 1.0.4 update, green sparkles glow near the correct exits as well.


  • The Shopkeeper recalls the time she attempted to find the Magic Seashell.

    The Shopkeeper references the Magic Seashell when you talk to her about the "Current area" in Quillshroom Marsh.
    • The Shopkeeper confirmed this dialogue was a reference to the Magic Seashell in one of Kammesennin's Twitch streams.[1]
  • You do not need the Magic Seashell to traverse Howling Grotto's underwater maze, as the correct pathway is always static. So if the path is memorized, the Magic Seashell is completely optional.



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