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Locations are various places that Ninja visits over the course of his adventure. Each area has a unique theme, design, and specific set of enemies.

Messenger Island[]

For the main article, see Messenger Island.
NinjaVillage.png AutumnHills.png ForlornTemple.png
Ninja Village Autumn Hills Forlorn Temple
Catacombs.png BambooCreek.png HowlingGrotto and LostWoods.png
Catacombs Bamboo Creek Howling Grotto
QuillshroomMarsh.png SearingCrags.png GlacialPeak.png
Quillshroom Marsh Searing Crags Glacial Peak
TowerOfTime.png CloudRuins.png UnderWorld.png
Tower of Time Cloud Ruins Underworld
DarkCave.png RiviereTurquoise.png SunkenShrine.png
Dark Cave Rivière Turquoise Sunken Shrine
ElementalSkylands.png CorruptedFuture.png MusicBox.png
Elemental Skylands Corrupted Future Music Box

Voodkin Island[]

For the main article, see Voodkin Island.
DLC 01 01.png DLC 01 02.png DLC 01 03.png
Open Sea Voodkin Shore Fire Mountain
DLC 01 04 Edited.png
Voodoo Heart

Miscellaneous Locations[]

The Shop.png Tower of Time HQ.png The Craftsman's Corner 16-Bit.png
The Shop Tower of Time HQ The Craftsman's Corner
TowerOfTime 8 RoomBackground01.png
The Void