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Jumping Quillshroom is an enemy in The Messenger. Its green brethren is the Quillshroom.



Jumping Quillshroom is a gooey yellow-ish mushroom creature with a red cap. The red cap has many yellow-ish quills sticking out of it. Its mouth is partially covered in drippy bits of its body. It has two tiny stubs for legs. After Jumping Quillshroom releases a set of spikes, its cap appears to be filled with black holes where the missing spikes used to be.


Jumping Quillshroom sits in one place. When Ninja approaches within range, it takes one high leap vertically into the air and releases its quills outward in a semi-circle formation towards Ninja's direction, then lands back down on the ground. The quills continue flying away in a straight line and do not fly through walls. After some time passes, Jumping Quillshroom will generate a new set of quills on its head.

Main Story[]

All of the mushrooms in Quillshroom Marsh were once living human beings who have been cursed by the Queen of Quills.


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