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The inventory showcases various items and abilities Ninja has collected throughout the course of his journey.


Icon Name Description Location
Icon BasicScroll.png Scroll The scroll you were tasked with carrying to the top of the mountain. Ninja Village
Icon UpgradedScroll.png Press [map button] to look at your map. Leave Tower of Time HQ
Icon ClimbingClaws.png Climbing claws Press towards walls while airborne to cling to them and climb at your leisure. The Shop
(Autumn Hills)
Icon Shuriken.png Energy shuriken Ranged attack - Tap into your mind's Ki charges, allowing you to throw energy shuriken with [shuriken button]. The Shop
(Shop Upgrade)
Icon WindmillShuriken.png Windmill shuriken Ranged attack - Use a Ki charge to throw with [shuriken button]. Keeps going until you catch it. The Shop
(Open Power Seal Chest)
Icon Wingsuit.png Wingsuit Press and hold [jump button] while airborne to deploy and glide. The Shop
(Howling Grotto)
Icon Graplou.png Rope dart Press [Rope Dart button] to throw. Can be used on rings, lanterns, walls and enemies. The Shop
(Searing Crags)
Icon LightfootTabi.png Lightfoot tabi Press and hold [Lightfoot Tabi button] to run on liquid surfaces. Just make sure you keep moving! Sunken Shrine
Icon AstralTeaSeed.png Astral Seed Now to find a flowerbed and wait a few centuries... Ninja Village
Icon AstralTeaLeaf.png Astral Tea Leaves The Ninja Elder is looking for these. Searing Crags
Icon Candle.png Ordinary Wax Candle If you ever enter a very dark place, this should help you see, at least a little bit. Ninja Village
Icon EnchantedSeashell.png Magic Seashell Legend says this seashell lets its bearer hear the 'call of the deep'... Quillshroom Marsh
Icon PowerThistle.png Power Thistle It looks like the perfect addition to a dish. Searing Crags
Icon DemonCrown.png Demon Crown Maybe one of the blue robes will know what to make of it... Forlorn Temple
Icon NecromancerAmulet.png Ruxxtin's Amulet Should activate the Necromancer Staff's power. Catacombs
Icon MagicFirefly.png Magic Firefly Strong enough to lift a minor curse, she can also work against the forces of evil. Rivière Turquoise
Icon SunCrest.png Sun Crest Looks like it has something to do with the locked door with two sockets in the Sunken Shrine... Sunken Shrine
Icon MoonCrest.png Moon Crest


Icon Name Description Location
Icon CloudStep.png Cloudstep Scoring a hit in the air lets you jump again. Jump, hit, jump! Default
Icon AttackProjectile.png Strike of the Ninja Attack enemy projectiles - Empower your attacks, letting you destroy enemy projectiles. You can even Cloudstep off of them. The Shop
(Shop Upgrade)
Icon AirRecover.png Second wind Press [jump button] while being knocked back to do an air recovery jump. The Shop
(Shop Upgrade)
Icon SwimDash.png Currents master Underwater dash - Press [attack button] while swimming to boost forward. The Shop
(Shop Upgrade)
Icon GlideAttack.png Aerobatics warrior Wingsuit attack - Press [attack button] while gliding with the wingsuit to attack downwards. The Shop
(Shop Upgrade)
Icon PowerAttack.png Demon's bane Attack boost - By mastering patience and focus, you can wait to passively charge your next attack, making it deal triple damage. The Shop
(Shop Upgrade)


Icon Name Description Location
Icon PowerSeals.png Power Seals Seemingly linked to a mysterious chest found in the shop. Perhaps smashing them all will let you open it. Various
FeatherIcon.png Voodoo Feathers Very colorful, they look like they would all fit very well together... Open Sea
MaskPieceIcon.png Voodoo Mask Pieces Fragments of something that was broken. Perhaps it could be made whole again... Voodkin Shore
Fire Mountain

Music Notes[]

For the main article, see Music Notes.
Icon Name Description Location
Icon KeyChaos.png Key of Chaos Nature's attempt to contain the Underworld's endless mayhem, it is one of the notes needed to create a melody that will break the curse. Underworld
Icon KeyHope.png Key of Hope Materialized from the repeating intentions of countless villagers wishing their Messengers well over past cycles, it is one of the notes needed to create a melody that will break the curse. Autumn Hills
Icon KeyCourage.png Key of Courage Appearing only for the one who would venture into the biggest unknown, it is one of the notes needed to create a melody that will break the curse. Corrupted Future
Icon KeyLove.png Key of Love Left by Gods long forgotten to be found at the time of greatest need, it is one of the notes needed to create a melody that will break the curse. Sunken Shrine
Icon KeySymbiosis.png Key of Symbiosis Nurtured in the Clockwork Concierge's core across centuries of perfect harmony with the elements, it is one of the notes needed to create a melody that will break the curse. Elemental Skylands
Icon KeyStrength.png Key of Strength Forced into being by Colos & Suses' physical feats, it is one of the notes needed to create a melody that will break the curse. Searing Crags


For the main article, see Phobekins.
Icon Name Description Location
Icon PhobekinAcro.png Acro One of the four Phobekins needed to repair the bridge to the Forlorn Temple. Cloud Ruins
Icon PhobekinNecro.png Necro Catacombs
Icon PhobekinClaustro.png Claustro Bamboo Creek
Icon PhobekinPyro.png Pyro Searing Crags