Howling Grotto is the sixth area of The Messenger. It is a cave filled with wind tunnels, and Ninja glides on the wind tunnels via the Wingsuit. Howling Grotto was once the home to a race of cave-dwelling creatures who built structures out of the emerald found in the cave.

The west side of Howling Grotto is accessed from Bamboo Creek, and the east side leads to Quillshroom Marsh. In 16-bit, an underwater maze leads to the Sunken Shrine.

Appearance Edit

Howling Grotto is a green-themed cave with green architecture and blue objects. Much of the architecture has triangle designs. The cave is filled with emeralds.

Items Edit

8-Bit Edit

  • Ninja obtains the Wingsuit as his second free upgrade from The Shopkeeper.

Power Seals Edit

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Linear Edit

Power Seal #1 Edit

In 8-bit, in a tall room with three Ranged Kappa in a vertical line directly across from four breakable blocks, break the blocks and head right into the Power Seal room. Fly through the air currents while avoiding sawblades, spikes, and swinging spikeballs in order to reach the Power Seal.

Final Edit

Power Seal #2 Edit

In 16-bit, in a tall room with a time rift and a single breakable block in the middle of the room on the right edge, break the block and head right into the Power Seal room. Avoid the crusher blocks that lead into spikes and avoid falling to death while navigating to the Power Seal.

Power Seal #3 Edit

In 16-bit, in a room where Time Shards form an up arrow near a checkpoint, take the lower-right body of water to the right and into the Power Seal room. Ride the air currents and avoid the crusher blocks to reach the Power Seal. Ninja can safely duck underneath the crusher blocks in the center of the room.

The Shopkeeper's Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Ninja8Portrait Ninja I fell in a pit...
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper That you did.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja That gap is way too wide, there's no way I can make the jump.
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper This reminds me of a story... A long time ago, warriors of the Squirrel Clan invented a way to soar through the skies. Touching on a freedom humans could seldom dream of, some would mistake them for gods.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Incredible.
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Yeah, whatever. Here's a wingsuit.

Wingsuit Edit

Ninja8Portrait Ninja Thanks for the wingsuit.
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper You bet. Don't forget to try it out by pressing and holding [jump button] while airborne.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Why was it free and not the other upgrades?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Because it was mandatory to your progression. You can't save the world if you're stuck in a pit.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Will there be more freebies in the future?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper There's only one way to find out, now isn't there?
Ninja8Portrait Ninja What do you mean?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper I mean you should carry on with your quest, while letting your heart know for sure that this here cursed world and its inhabitants have a lot of surprises left in store for you.

Current area Edit

Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Welcome to the Howling Grotto.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Do people live here?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Some cave dwelling creatures used to, a long time ago. They built structures from the streams of emerald running through the rock, and believed the wind was the breath of a God.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Anything I should know?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Not really, other than IT'S GLIDING TIME!
Ninja8Portrait Ninja ?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Well, that wingsuit I gave you?
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Yeah?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Sorry, I don't have enough contextual data. I meant to say something that would make sense regardless of whether you had already used the wingsuit to ride the wind tunnels.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja You're being awkward now.
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper What's wrong with you, I gave you something that virtually lets you fly and you'd rather stay here and chat?

Any stories to share? Edit

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Ninja8Portrait Ninja Do you have any stories to share?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Of course, here's one for you. There once was a king who had a pretty rough time managing his emotions. Experiencing nothing but extremes, he would always feel either too excited or too depressed, which caused him to never get anything done. Just as he was about to lose all hope of getting his life together and be a viable ruler for his people, he was visited by a traveling relic hunter. To rid the king of his woes, the relic hunter gave him a magic ring, promising it would make him sad when he is happy, and happy when he is sad. It worked like a literal charm, and the kingdom became very prosperous as a result. When the king passed away, the castle's wizard promptly grabbed the ring to finally try and understand the source of its power. As it turned out, the ring wasn't magic at all! But how could a non-magic ring make you sad when you are happy and happy when you are sad?
Ninja8Portrait Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper ...
Ninja8Portrait Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Any guess?
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Not really.
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper It had a small inscription that read "This, too, shall pass".
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Woah... that's deep.
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper It's more than deep, I just gave you the cure for anxiety through a fairytale!
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Thanks shopkeeper!
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Hey now, don't push it.

Level boss Edit

Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Well, I hope you're up for a challenge.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Why?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Because something big is up next.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja What?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Well, let's just say you're about to fight someone who understands that the best defense is a good defense.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Who?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper I wish I could tell you.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Anyway, your three questions are up, carry on.
Ninja8Portrait Ninja Since when is there a three questions rule?
Shopkeeper8Portrait Shopkeeper Hey, that's four now!

Achievements Edit

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Achievement 14
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Make it out of the underwater labyrinth

Trivia Edit

  • Howling Grotto's big map icon is split into two separate pieces called "HowlingGrotto," for the actual grotto, and "LostWoods," for the underwater maze. "LostWoods" is a reference to the Lost Woods from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, another maze navigated via music.
  • While the Magic Seashell is very helpful in revealing the correct pathway through Howling Grotto's underwater maze, the correct pathway is always static, so the seashell is not needed if the path has been memorized.

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