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Guile Pile,[1] also known as Pile Voodkin, is a Voodkin enemy in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger.



A Guile Pile is composed of a tall stack of individual Voodkins. The individual Voodkins are blue, sport a flattened yellow hairstyle, wear white or yellow face paint, and wear little tiki skirts. They sometimes open their mouth to reveal a single lower tooth.

A Guile Pile can range anywhere from 4 to 10 Voodkins tall, but Ninja can attack the stack, reducing the number.


A Guile Pile is a harmless stack of Voodkins that makes no attempt to attack Ninja. It walks until it reaches a wall, then it walks in the opposite direction. Typically they walk back and forth in spike-filled pits. Ninja can hop onto any section of the stack and stand on it like a moving platform in order to hitch a ride where he needs to go. By holding crouch and pressing jump, Ninja can move down the stack one level at a time as if passing through thin platforms. Tall Guile Piles move slowly, but shorter Guile Piles move extremely fast.

Ninja can shorten the stack by attacking it to remove individual Voodkins from the Guile Pile. When attacked, an individual Voodkin falls out of the stack, and it "dies" by flying a small distance away, where it falls to the ground. The individual Voodkin can be attacked an additional time to send it flying downward and off the screen. Like other Voodkins, it does not drop health, Ki charges, or Time Shards upon "death."


  • Voodkins form an audience to watch the boxing fight.

    Many Voodkins, including individual non-stacked Guile Piles, are seen in the background of the Barma'thething boss fight.
  • Guile Pile's name and hairstyle are a reference to Guile from the Street Fighter series.



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