Green Kappa, also known as Turtle Man, is an enemy in The Messenger. It is based on the mythological Kappa demon from Japanese folklore. Green Kappa's Picnic Panic counterpart is the Tropical Green Kappa.

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Appearance Edit

Green Kappa is a green turtle-like monster that stands upright. It has two very short pointy horns on the top of its head, and it has a turtle shell on its back. Green Kappa has two arms hanging on its sides with long pointy claws on its hands. It wears a loincloth.

Abilities Edit

Green Kappa walks extremely slowly in a particular direction until it hits a wall or the edge of a ledge; if Green Kappa hits a wall or the edge of a ledge, it will walk in the opposite direction.

Achievements Edit

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Achievement 37
One Hit Wonder
Kill a green demon in a single hit

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