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Greed demons are characters in The Messenger. They are a subset of demons that betrayed demonkind to team up with Messengers. A greed demon is assigned to a particular Messenger, and whenever their Messenger dies, they use their magic ring to turn back time, restoring their Messenger to their previous checkpoint. Greed demons eat Time Shards CoinIcon Edited.png as payment for their Messenger's revival, and they typically keep track of Time Shard debts using a pencil and a notepad.

Quarble's death quotes reveal that greed demons have their own society, where they use Time Shards as currency and even have families. Greed demons like Quarble hang out in an office environment until they are called to revive their Messenger.



Greed demons have curly beige ram horns at the top of their heads, short arms with beige magic rings, short legs, a single eye in the center of their faces, and two small wings on their backs. Typically they are red.

Main Story[]


Quarble is a greed demon who is assigned to Ninja. Whenever Ninja dies, Quarble appears to revive him and to teleport him back to his previous checkpoint. Quarble then follows Ninja around for a short period of time, eating his newly-collected Time Shards.

Ninja passes on the role of "The Messenger" to Soldier and becomes his shopkeeper. Soldier visits The Shop a couple of times but eventually stops appearing. In response to Soldier's disappearance, The Shopkeeper explains to Ninja that if Quarble isn't sent within 10 seconds of a Messenger's death, that Messenger dies for good. The Shopkeeper freaks out when she checks on Soldier's status in the scrying orb, implying that Soldier died since nobody sent Quarble.


Quillble is a greed demon who is teamed up with Monk. Quillble was once a red greed demon, but became green and covered in quills when she was cursed alongside Monk by the Primal Fear. After being cursed, she was exiled from greed demon society. When Ninja defeats the Queen of Quills during the events of the game, Quillble appears to rescue her, teleporting her away. Depending on if Ninja has died earlier in the game, Quarble appears on scene. Quarble doesn't recognize Quillble's appearance or name, but he seems to recognize her voice.


  • Thierry Boulanger, the main writer and director of The Messenger, revealed that Messengers did not always have greed demons on their side. At some point in time, greed demons betrayed demonkind and teamed up with Messengers. Before this event, Messengers used to just plain up die.[1]



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