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Glacial Peak is the ninth area of The Messenger. Ninja is tasked by The Bowman to deliver the scroll to the top of this snowy mountain.

The south side of Glacial Peak is accessed from Searing Crags. On Ninja's first journey through Glacial Peak, the north side leads to the Tower of Time. In 16-bit, Ruxxtin's Staff sits at the summit and beams Ninja to Cloud Ruins if Ninja has Ruxxtin's Amulet. After Ninja frees Manfred from a block of ice, Manfred ferries Ninja to the Elemental Skylands upon request.


Glacial Peak is filled with layers of blue-tinged white snow on top of black ground with blue-tinged white chunks of rock. Blue Robes statues are featured prominently throughout the mountain, but many statues are crumbling away. There are snow-covered pine trees and leaf-free shrubs. In the background is a night sky filled with stars, and many snow-capped mountains partially covered in clouds are in the distance, near the bottom of the screen. It perpetually snows.

Power Seals[]

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Power Seal #1[]

In a tall room with an air current and a couple of Ranged Kappa, enter the room above it. Take the moving platforms across to the Power Seal while avoiding the Bats and the Wall Shmu.


Power Seal #2[]

In 16-bit, in the room just before the first shop checkpoint, head down-left, and Rope Dart the metal ring leftwards into the next room. Navigate a couple of rooms filled with falling snow corniches to reach the Power Seal.

Power Seal #3[]

There is a tall room with a breakable block in the upper-right corner during 16-bit. Break the block to enter the Power Seal room, which consists of a single Wall Shmu, a spike-filled floor, and a couple of icicles on the far end of the room. Using the "Strike of the Ninja" shop upgrade, Cloudstep off of the Wall Shmu's projectiles to reach the Power Seal.

The Shopkeeper's Dialogue[]

Current area[]

Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja I'm finally near the mountain's summit, looks like my adventure is about to come to an end.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Clearly you haven't watched the trailer.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Pardon?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Never mind. Hey it's cold and slippery out there, be careful.

Any stories to share?[]

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Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Do you have any stories to share?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Of course, here's one for you. There once was a village settled in a land of ice and snow. Food was scarce, but not as much as heat. Their elders spoke of a lush grove, safe, abundant, and with comfortable weather to boot. The only problem was, that grove lay on the other side of a permanent hailstorm which would take weeks to cross. One day, a brave couple left their young boy behind to attempt what the village called "The Trek". They would scout all the way to the grove and confirm its existence, then come back to the village and lead everyone to a better life. Like all who attempted The Trek before them, they sadly and predictably never came back. Over the following decades, that boy grew up with only one goal in mind: to take on The Trek himself, and find his parents alive at the grove, or dead in the ice. Figuring they may have simply been ill prepared, he trained every day until he was five years older than his parents were when they left for The Trek, then set off for his own attempt. The hailstorm's first bite wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, but the ice-cold soil slowly worked its way into his bones. After days of walking through the storm without realizing it was all just a metaphor playing out in his troubled young adult mind, he stumbled upon a no pun intended chilling sight. His parents, frozen solid in a block of ice. The shock was too strong. He remained there, cursing, pondering, and cursing again, until the cold took him to become a part of the ice block. The end.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja What?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper What do you mean what?
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja No moral, or at least a proper ending?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Sometimes, stories can be harsh. It might just be the very message they mean to convey about life. You need to think about what transpired and find your own takeaways. There are no wrong answers, as long as they ring true to you.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Maybe, but this one really felt like a pointless story.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper And it just might be the case that for you it was.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Or, you could consider the implications of our adventurer being five years older than his parents when he found them. Can you imagine, gazing upon those who were your protectors and mentors, realizing they are actually younger than you? Your bearers of truth, the wise ones, those you aspired to be like? A harsh reality indeed: you thought they knew it all, had it all figured out, that they were centered and filled with purpose. Yet there you stand, beholding the one pillar you ever took for granted and used for stability, physically crystalized, yet mentally shattered before your very eyes. Had they really found inner peace already when you knew them, meaning you're the one who missed the mark, or were they simply excellent actors?
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Food for thought, huh?
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Yes, that's enough.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Remember, this is all subjective. I shared but one angle.



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Achievement 8.jpg
Glacial Peaked
Get to the top of the mountain


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