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Flamethrow Voodkin is a Voodkin enemy in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger.



Flamethrow Voodkin is a peach-colored Voodkin with a tuft of green hair. It wears white tribal face paint and wields a tiki torch as a flamethrower.


Flamethrow Voodkin stands stationarily in one place. At evenly set intervals, it releases a long row of flame from its tiki torch for a few seconds and then stops. It turns direction to always face Ninja. Flamethrow Voodkin can be walked through harmlessly, but its flamethrower deals damage. If Flamethrow Voodkin is attacked, it "dies" by flying a small distance away, where it falls to the ground. It can be attacked an additional time to send it flying downward and off the screen. Like other Voodkins, it does not drop health, Ki charges, or Time Shards upon "death."


  • Voodkins form an audience to watch the boxing fight.

    Many Voodkins, including Flamethrow Voodkins, are seen in the background of the Barma'thething boss fight.


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