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The Energy Shuriken, also known as the Regular Shuriken, is an item in The Messenger. It is a shop upgrade that is purchased from the shop.


  • Shurikens fly in a horizontal line and deal damage to enemies, destroy projectiles, trigger switches, deal damage to Big Time Shards, and trigger Magic Fireflies.
  • It costs 1 Ki charge to use an Energy Shuriken. If all Ki charges are depleted, they must be restored in order to throw more shurikens.
  • You initially start with 3 Ki charges, but this number can be increased up to 5 Ki charges by purchasing relevant shop upgrades.
    • These shop upgrades also cause the shurikens to pierce through more targets, starting at a default of 0 and piercing up to 2 targets.
  • Ki charges are restored by attacking certain lanterns. Sometimes enemies will drop a single Ki charge upon death. All Ki charges are restored upon reloading the game or after dying and being revived by Quarble.
    • The "Meditation" shop upgrade allows checkpoints to restore all Ki charges.
  • After obtaining the Windmill Shuriken from the Power Seal treasure chest in the shop, you can interact with this chest to swap freely between the Energy Shuriken and the Windmill Shuriken.


  • Promotional footage of a shuriken sticking to a wall.

    Promotional footage such as the "Devolver Public Access: The Messenger-Sneak Peek" video depicts shurikens temporarily sticking to walls before disappearing.[1] This visual feature didn't make it into the final game, and now shurikens immediately disappear upon contact with a solid surface.
  • If you don't own the "Energy shuriken" shop upgrade, then collect all 45 Power Seals, and then open the Power Seal treasure chest in the shop to unlock the Windmill Shuriken, you'll automatically unlock the "Energy shuriken" shop upgrade without having to pay for it.
  • Top row: Re-creation of the unused shurikens that are in the style of the in-game spritework.
    Bottom row: Official Steam badges.

    Unused shurikens are seen in the "Behind the Schemes: The Messenger" video.[2] These are similar in appearance to the official Steam badges.[3]



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