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Demon Hive is an enemy in The Messenger. Groups of Demon Hives line certain walls in the Underworld.



A Demon Hive is a hole in the wall with a red demon head peeking out. The demon has two pointy horns sticking out of the top of its head, yellow eyes, and a yellow mouth in the shape of a wavy smile. If the demon is retreating after being attacked by Ninja, its wavy smile changes into a wavy frown and it squints in pain.


Demon Hives do nothing. In a group of Demon Hives, there are two sets of Demon Hives: visible demons and hiding demons. Visible demons have their heads poking out of their holes, while hiding demons are not visible as they are hiding in their holes. If Ninja strikes an exposed Demon Hive with his sword, the sets will swap roles with each other: the visible set retreats into their holes, and the hidden set pokes their heads out of their holes.

Demon Hives react strangely to shuriken attacks. For a specific room, only the first Demon Hive ever stricken by a shuriken will become vulnerable to shurikens; all other Demon Hives in that room are then invincible to shurikens, persisting even if you switch between rooms.

Main Story[]

Three rows of Demon Hives line the walls of Barma'thazël's boss room. They poke their heads out of their holes during specific attack patterns of the Barma'thazël boss fight.


  • Placeholder artwork depicting the unused fireball attack, showcased in the four final sprites of the spritesheet.

    8-bit Demon Hives did not exist until the Version 2.0.2 update.
    • Until that update, placeholder art in the picture files depicted Demon Hives shooting fireballs. This feature didn't make it into the final game.[1]



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