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Croustarde is an enemy in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. Its normal counterpart is the Ountarde.



Croustarde is a crustacean version of Ountarde. It has crab eyes, crab claws for hands, and a spiky crab shell on its back. It wears a loincloth.


Croustarde runs forward towards Ninja's direction, jumping when it reaches the edge of a ledge or if it's standing on a falling platform. It will switch its movement direction in order to always follow Ninja. While changing directions, it slows down and slides on the ground a bit as it decelerates, then accelerates back to its normal movement speed. There is a small cooldown period after it changes directions where it cannot jump at all.

Croustarde can jump twice under appropriate conditions. If it is still in midair from its first jump, and if it is anywhere slightly below Ninja's elevation, it will perform its second jump.

If Croustarde reaches a wall, it will disappear into it.


  • Croustarde is a portmanteau of "crustacean" and "Ountarde." [1]



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