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The Corrupted Future is an area in The Messenger. It is the future the Order of the Blue Robes is trying to prevent, a corrupted version of The Void.

The only entrance to the Corrupted Future is a portal in The Artificer's room in the Tower of Time HQ, activated with the Demon Crown. However, this portal is destroyed after completing the Abomination chase sequence.

The actual Corrupted Future cannot be explored until Ninja has obtained the Magic Firefly as he'll reach a wall that cannot be traversed without the help of Magic Fireflies.


The Corrupted Future is filled with mutated blue-gray rock formations with a scaly texture. The formations are covered in holes, tube-like structures, and tentacles. Shiny purple papules decorate tree-like formations and a few other random areas. Large yellow eyes with red irises and black bowtie-shaped pupils are integrated into many walls of the Corrupted Future. The bottom of the Corrupted Future is filled with a river of flowing purple liquid.

In the mist-covered background is an ocean filled with towering shadowy tentacles that constantly wriggle around, shadowy human-shaped figures raining from the sky and into the ocean, and a shattered moon in the upper-left corner of a dark starry sky.

Tower of Time spike platforms are seen in time rifts created by Magic Fireflies.

Magic Fireflies are scattered around in various places, and some are trapped in spherical chunks of amber. When the Magic Fireflies are attacked, they reveal the 8-bit era in a rectangle around themselves, displaying architecture and the background from the 8-bit Tower of Time.



  • After trekking through the entirety of the Corrupted Future, Ninja reaches the Key of Courage.


  • Below the metal ring just before the Key of Courage is a flat round rock with a crescent moon symbol, covered in corruption. This is a reference to The Shopkeeper's story in the Tower of Time.
  • If the player Rope Darts the metal ring just before the Key of Courage and immediately deploys the Wingsuit, they can collect the Music Note and fall into the ocean to die, which skips the Abomination chase sequence. This is a common speedrunning trick.[1]


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Well, That Was Unsightly
Survive the Corrupted Future chase



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