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Cloudstep is a default ability in The Messenger. It is a special technique taught to the ninjas of Ninja Village. Attacking objects in midair results in the Cloudstep symbol appearing beneath the user, indicating that an additional jump can be performed. Cloudsteps can be chained as long as you attack objects while in midair.


  • Many objects provide Cloudstep, including enemies, switches, Big Time Shards, Magic Fireflies, and lanterns.
  • After purchasing the "Strike of the Ninja" shop upgrade, enemy projectiles can also be destroyed and offer Cloudstep.
    • Ruxxtin and Manfred's projectiles can always be destroyed for Cloudstep, even if you don't own the "Strike of the Ninja" shop upgrade.
  • The Windmill Shuriken provides Cloudstep when it hits applicable objects.


  • Cloudstepping is referenced in the Blue Kappa's description card.
  • According to Thierry Boulanger, the main writer and director of the game, the ability to shoot a beam with your sword after charging was a scrapped idea since it hindered the Cloudstepping mechanic, and taking away from this core mechanic made the game less enjoyable.[1]


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Achievement 26.jpg
Walking On Air
Execute 15 Cloudsteps without landing or clinging to a wall



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