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The Climbing Claws are an item in The Messenger. They are Ninja's first free upgrade from The Shopkeeper, granted when he reaches the first shop of Autumn Hills. The Climbing Claws are grips that allow Ninja to cling to smooth vertical walls. He'll automatically cling to a wall if he's airborne and touches it, allowing him to climb it up and down.


  • The "Devolver Public Access: The Messenger-Sneak Peek" video depicts beta inventory icons for the Scroll and the Climbing Claws.[1]
  • Ninja's Climbing Claws were crafted by The Iron Hood.
  • The Iron Hood mentions that spider hair was used when crafting the Climbing Claws.

    During The Iron Hood's introduction, he makes a reference that pokes fun at how the player may sometimes unintentionally activate the Climbing Claws at unfavorable gameplay moments.
    • IronHoodPortrait16.png Iron Hood: Haha! You didn't think The Shopkeeper was the one who made the Climbing Claws, now, did you?
    • Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja: ...
    • IronHoodPortrait16.png Iron Hood: Which, by the way, how are they working out for you?
    • Ninja16Portrait.png Ninja: Well, sometimes they make me cling to the wall when I would rather keep on falling, but other than that I guess they're fine.
    • IronHoodPortrait16.png Iron Hood: I see. Maybe using spider hair wasn't such a good idea after all! Haha!



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