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Catacombs is the fourth area of The Messenger. It is a stereotypical spooky level filled with reanimated skeletons, bats, and wizards.

Ninja falls into the west side of the Catacombs after falling through a broken bridge in Forlorn Temple. The east side of the Catacombs leads to Bamboo Creek. In 16-bit, a westward pathway leads to Autumn Hills. Additionally in 16-bit, a hidden southward pathway leads to the Dark Cave.



The Catacombs has yellow architecture with green accents. Its black and blue background is filled with skulls and various spooky knickknacks.


The Catacombs has brown architecture with blue accents. Its black and blue background is filled with skulls and various spooky knickknacks.



  • Ninja automatically "collects" Necro the Phobekin after arriving in the Catacombs for the first time.


Power Seals[]

For the main article, see Power Seals.


Power Seal #1[]

In 8-bit after the first shop checkpoint, Ninja falls into a room with two breakable blocks. Break the blocks and head into the Power Seal room. Avoid the moving spike platforms and navigate to the Power Seal.


Power Seal #2[]

In 16-bit, a breakable block is in the upper-left corner of a room with a Mermofwizquard and two Bats. Break the block and enter the Power Seal room. Navigate through time rifts, crusher blocks, and emerging spikes to reach the Power Seal.

Power Seal #3[]

In 16-bit, in a long horizontal room with a checkpoint and an auto-scrolling vertical wall of spikes, climb into the room above to reach the Power Seal room. Swim through spike-filled water to reach the Power Seal.

The Shopkeeper's Dialogue[]

Current area[]

Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Hey, you made it to the Catacombs.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Ok, anything I should know?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Not really, it's pretty standard stuff.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Skeletons?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper And bats.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Oh, evil wizards too?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper You bet, a necromancer even took over!
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Spooky.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Clichéd. I suggest you get this area out of the way, there are more original ones lined up.

Demon King[]

Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Hey, how did that epic raid on the Demon King go?
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Did you manage to save the world and restore your people's honor?
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja It's not fair, the bridge was in shambles.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Well, we wouldn't have much of an adventure if you faced-off against the big villain right away, now would we?

What do you do here?[]

Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja What do you do here?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper I study magic.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Can you teach me?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Not really.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Why not?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Because you're not ready.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Ready for what?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper For magic! Come on, you just asked.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja No but I meant-
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Believe me, learning magic is a lot harder than following a conversation.

Any stories to share?[]

For the main article, see The Shopkeeper's Stories.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Do you have any stories to share?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Of course, here's one for you. There once was a poor old lady who had nothing in life, save for a small shack and a pear tree. Her name was Madam Misery. Her whole family ate misery, and sometimes there wasn't even enough misery to go around. One day, she was visited by a starving beggar, who asked whether she had any food to spare. She didn't, but her heart was as big as her situation was unfortunate. So she served the beggar a few clumps out of the tasteless broth she had simmering, then invited him to help himself to a few pears. The beggar removed his cloak, revealing himself as a deity. He was disguised as a beggar to see whether there was any kindness left in the world. Touched by Madam Misery's generosity, he offered to grant her a wish.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Let me guess, she didn't want anything and it's a moral about living frugally?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper No no, this is good, let me continue. She mentioned a lot of people were stealing her fruits, which jeopardized her chance to eat every day. Her wish was simple: an enchantment on her pear tree, so that it would trap anyone who stole from it until she decided to free them. The divine visitor granted her wish and took his leave. Time went by and she scolded many thieves, but soon realized that most of them were starving children. She decided to take it upon herself to feed and educate them, and soon became the pillar of a thriving new generation. Ever happy and generous, Madam Misery got so old that her face looked like an elephant's knee. And then one day, Death came for her.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Death, following the protocol, inquired about her last request. "I would like to eat one last pear from my tree", she said. "Would you be kind enough to grab one for me?" Death climbed into the tree to grab a pear, getting trapped in the process. The old lady decided to never let Death out of the trap, and since then there has been Misery in the world. The end.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Right?
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja What's the moral? Being selfless justifies being selfish later?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper ...
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Generosity begets misery?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper I don't know, it's a fairytale for kids, I just thought the idea of death trapped in a pear tree was interesting.

Level boss[]

Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper I believe you have reached the necromancer's doorstep.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Any advice?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Very little is known about this villain.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Ok so no advice?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Dodging anything that looks like evil magic would be a good start.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja Wow, great help.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Well, I also recommend looking at my inventory for any useful upgrades.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja I really appreciate all the support.
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Look, the necromancer is a newcomer. All we know for now is that he plans on taking over the world with his undead army.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja All WE know?
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper Sorry I meant I... all I know...
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...
Shopkeeper8Portrait.png Shopkeeper I'm totally on my own here.
Ninja8Portrait.png Ninja ...



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