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Bouncing Monko is an enemy in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger. Its normal counterpart is the Bouncing Dogo.



Bouncing Monko is a brown or yellow monkey with yellow teeth and a long tail.


Bouncing Monko bounces a small height from the ground. It continues bouncing in a particular direction until it hits a wall; when it hits a wall, it will bounce off the wall and hop in the opposite direction. It has very fast movement speed. Strangely, Bouncing Monko is immune to the lava of Voodoo Heart.


  • Bouncing Monkos stuck in a small enclosure that acts like a cage.

    There are only three different locations for Bouncing Monkos. Two of them act as cages, where a group of five Bouncing Monkos hops around in a small enclosure that is opened by hitting a switch.


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