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Boulder Douche and its snowy counterpart, Snow Boulder Douche, are enemies in The Messenger. Snow Boulder Douche is the variant found in Glacial Peak.



Boulder Douche is a brown monster with a rocky exterior. Only the upper half of its body is visibly sticking out of the surface of the ground. It has a large brow and a large lower jaw, resembling a primitive human expression or an annoyed expression. It has large hands to chuck rocks, and particles of dirt fall off of its hands.

Snow Boulder Douche is identical in appearance, but it's blue and snowy, along with its rock projectiles.


Bolder Douche sits in one spot and periodically pulls a small rock projectile out of the ground with both of its hands. It chucks the rock forward, and the rock bounces onward, a small height from the ground. The rock bounces off of walls and exists for about 5.5 seconds before disappearing. Some Boulder Douches will turn direction to always face Ninja, while other Boulder Douches remain facing a fixed direction.


  • According to Thierry Boulanger, the main writer and director of the game, Boulder Douche is an homage to Karnov.[1]



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