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Green Beach Parrot and Red Beach Parrot are enemies in the Picnic Panic DLC of The Messenger.



Green Beach Parrot and Purple Projectile.png

Beach Parrot is a stereotypical parrot with a thick yellow beak. Green Beach Parrot is mostly green with red and yellow accents, while Red Beach Parrot is mostly red with green and yellow accents.


Red Beach Parrot and Diving Voodkin 8-Bit.png

Beach Parrot flies across the sky in one direction. Green Beach Parrot sometimes carries a droppable projectile within its talons, while Red Beach Parrot always carries a Diving Voodkin within its talons. If Ninja is moving and is below Beach Parrot within a certain vertical proximity, it will drop whatever object it is carrying. Otherwise, if Ninja is not moving, it will not drop the object until Ninja is directly underneath it. Standing on top of Beach Parrot also triggers it to drop an object if it happens to be carrying one.

Beach Parrot itself does no damage to Ninja. He can ride upon Beach Parrot like a thin moving platform, which causes the Beach Parrot to fly much faster than usual.


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