Bat is an enemy in The Messenger. Its Picnic Panic counterpart is the Tropical Bat.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Bat has the appearance of a normal bat but with a skull for a head instead of a bat head. It has a white skull, black or brown bat wings, and a purple aura outline. Its eye sockets also glow with a purple color.

Abilities Edit

Bat hangs upside-down completely motionless on a ceiling until Ninja closely approaches. Once Ninja approaches, Bat flies slowly at Ninja and pursues him wherever he goes. Bat can also pass through solid walls in order to reach Ninja, but it will die if it touches lava.

Main Story Edit

As Ninja travels through the Catacombs, he encounters Ruxxtin for the first time. Ruxxtin summons three Bats and five Skeloutons before leaving.

Trivia Edit

  • Bats are referred to as "batty" in the sound files.

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